Check out the new IPA Corporate for group or branded gear -

IPA Connect welcomes you to the IPA Collective for Women of Patrol. The only location in the pro purchase environment for a direct relationship with some of the best brands in our industry – and with more being added monthly.

This program is open to any currently working ski/snowboard patrol in the USA.  Proof of this membership may be asked during the approval process.

As a patroller, our brands and the general public see you as an influencer. We offer you this special access and pricing to help increase your budget and have the ability to purchase at a significant discount.  Our ask is that you be a positive supporter of any product you use, refer others to the product (where appropriate and authentic), and when needed, to be discrete about your pro access.

Register now and once approved, you’ll have access to the brands you selected.

*Please Note that the IPA Collective is a portal for easier access to multiple brands and not a stand alone 3rd party pro retailer.  Upon approval, you will be added to the in-house pro program for any/all brand(s) you check and you will get a separate, individual, and personal brand application notification AND a 2nd note – a welcome letter from each brand. So…be aware you’ll get a few more e-mails in your inbox than normal – just so you know…