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IPA Connect welcomes you to the IPA Collective for current mountain/climbing guides & instructors.  One location for a direct connection with some of the best brands in our industry – and with more on their way.

We respect what mountain guides and instructors represent in our industry. Many outdoor industry leaders are past guides or at least experienced climbers & mountaineers in their own right, so we take this aspect of our business quite seriously.  Our goal is to make this a great resource for everyone involved. To this end, we have partnered with some of the industry’s best brands to help qualified individuals gain access as seamlessly as possible. If you ever have an issue or question, we hope you write directly to IPA’s founder, Andy Marker <> to get your situation solved.

Register now and once approved, you’ll have access to the brands you selected.

*Please Note that the IPA Collective is a portal for easier access to multiple brands and not a stand alone 3rd party pro retailer.  Upon approval, you will be added to the in-house pro program for any/all brand(s) you check and you will get a separate, individual, and personal brand application notification AND sometimes a 2nd welcome note from each brand. So…to start, a few more e-mails in your inbox than normal – just so you are aware.

*Also, our apologies, but at this time we are unable to approve AMGA Professional members based on that membership level alone.