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Welcome to the IPA Collective Fire Personnel Pro Program. Everyone at IPA Connect has immense respect and admiration for those employed in all manners of firefighters – Structure and Wildland –  many of you have saved the homes and properties of friends of ours, so we’d love the chance to give back and offer pro level access for those qualified. We know you work extremely long hours, so thank you!

We represent numerous Outdoor Recreation brands in the pro purchase capacity – These brands would like to offer you special access and pricing and their only ask is that you be a positive supporter of any product you use; refer others to the product (where appropriate and authentic); post positive social media photos or stories;  and in the end –  be discrete about your special buying opportunity as with any pro deal you may have access to.

Register now and if approved, we’ll add you to your selected brands pro programs . And, we will alert you when new brands come available.

To qualify, you may be asked for proof of your current professional firefighter status through the exhibition of professional documents such as your current and dated IAFF union card, or your current and dated Red Card. Generally, either of those will work for us to show that you are a current, active professional firefighter.

*Please Note that the IPA Collective is a portal for easier access to multiple brands and not a stand alone 3rd party pro retailer.  Upon approval, you will be added to the in-house pro program for any/all brand(s) you check and you will get a separate, individual, and personal brand application notification AND a 2nd note – a welcome letter from each brand. So…a few more e-mails in your inbox than normal – just so you are aware