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IPA Connect welcomes all current paid employees of North American based environmental NGOs to The IPA Collective. One location for a direct connection with some of the best brands in the Outdoor Recreation industry – with more on their way.

IPA is based in the Outdoor Recreation industry and we know we’d have precious few areas to recreate in if it were not for “ENGOs”, environmental non-governmental organizations, large and small. We, and our brands, thank you for your work.

Please be a positive supporter of any brand you sign up for and when appropriate and applicable, refer others to the brand.  Please always be discrete about your special pro access.

Register now and once approved, you’ll have access to the brands you selected.

*Please Note that the IPA Collective is a portal for easier access to multiple brands and not a stand alone 3rd party pro retailer.  Upon approval, you will be connected directly to the in-house pro program for any/all brand(s) you select. With this, know you will get communications from each and every brand you selected, sometimes two.

So…a few more e-mails in your inbox than normal – just so you are aware. No need to select all now, you are welcome to come back at anytime to pick additional brands.